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Optimization Reading Group, Autumn/Winter Term, 2023/24

Key information

    Meeting time: Friday at 4-5.30pm

    Meeting location (Winter term): SAL.G.20

    Social: Join us for a drink afterwards at Ye Old White Horse, 5.45pm. The speaker will get a free drink!

    Note to external visitors: If you would like to attend a talk on a certain day, please email Emily Jackson ahead of time about your intention to enter the building on that day, asking her to pass your information to Security so you can be allowed into the building.

    Organizer: Ahmad Abdi


    The overall aim this term (and possibly the next) is to go through the lattice theory and convex geometry background needed to digest the recent exciting result by Reis and Rothvoss on a faster algorithm for integer programming.

    As part of the background we would need to cover chapters 1, 2 and 7 of Rothvoss’s lecture notes. We also need to cover the Reverse Minkowski Theorem.

    If you have not volunteered this term, please consider doing so by emailing the organizer. Your talk does not have to be necessarily aligned with the theme, though this would be helpful. Anything interesting to an Optimization audience will do.

Schedule (Winter Term)

    February 2: Alexandra Lassota (Eindhoven), block-structured IPs

    February 23: TBD

    March 1: R. Ravi (CMU), Models and Algorithms for Information Freshness in Graphs, relevant paper

    March 8: TBD

    March 15: TBD

    March 22: TBD

    March 29: TBD

Schedule (Autumn Term)

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